When I was a child I knew exactly what I wanted to do as a career.  And that was to be a wizard, followed closely by my second choice of being a mermaid.  When I realized these weren’t viable career options I was forced to look into other possible paths for me to follow.  Then a local artist came to my library and did a demonstration, he was able to create something from nothing on the page, like magic.  It was then that I knew, if I couldn’t be a wizard then being an artist was the next best thing.

Today I find inspiration in the magic and fantasy that led me to art as a child.  I find imagining up and designing adorable monsters and fantasy creatures brings about my greatest enjoyment in my artistic endeavors. Walking the line between cute and creepy, I am drawn to design work that brings with it a sense of fairytale and enchantment and whose designs tell a story of a wider world of magic that lingers upon the edges of our own.

Character Design by Jen Zee