Familiars is a toyline designed to be blind-box designer art toys. You can read their descriptions and look at possible color schemes that could be included in the blind boxes should I ever produce them myself.


Familiars are mystical creatures from the Otherworld who have traveled to our own to start anew. Each Familiar has a key that unlocks its true powers and abilities, functioning as a magical power source in our non-magical world. Familiars are created by witches and wizards of the Otherworld and are gifted with specific characteristics depending on what they were born to do.

Minh is an optimistic daydreamer. Originally created to augment a witches powers of divination, Minh is more of a muse than a seer. Minh has a unique diet made up primarily of sugary treats. Minh likes creative endeavors spinning hours weaving stories or making up songs. Never one to linger on regrets Minh will cheer you up and help you see the silver linings in all aspects of life.

Tsavi is a playful and mischievous familiar. Tsavi walks closer to the dark side and the shades of grey that entails. If Tsavi were to fall under an alignment it would probably be chaotic neutral. Embracing the role of the trickster, Tsavi is a bringer of change and pusher of boundaries. However being equally playful and open-minded make Tsavi the perfect non-judgemental and adventurous companion.

Nok is known as tiny but tough. Nok was created to be a big, bad familiar but didn't quite satisfy. But Nok is a stubborn familiarwho decided to go find someone who could see the strength Nok possessed regardless of size. Nok won't let you give up on your goals even when you want to. The perfect familiar to fill the role of personal trainer, sitting on your shoulder and pushing you to do your best.

Lunn is a cautious and quiet familiar, often overlooked. The wizard who created Lunn was looking for a way to take a familiar's power as their own. When Lunn couldn't make the wizard stronger they lashed out against their familiar. Lunn escaped and now seeks someone trustworthy who will see the value of Lunn's empathetic abilities and quiet, gentle nature.